Alumni Mentoring Program

The M.E.R.I student – alumni mentoring forum brings together students and alumni purposefully, to develop mutual rewarding relationship and extent invaluable support through mentoring opportunities via online platform to have alumni – student interaction on various aspects of career, growth and industries from different class years, programs, industries and profiles.


Building community through sharing, connecting through current students and their approaches for work and life, inspiring excellence through advices… alumni mentoring forum provides support, guidance, career advices, job search techniques to the students who will be gaining from the unique experiences and exposures. Sharing will open new avenues and opportunities for mentee’s and keep you connected with dynamic, enduring M.E.R.I community…


Building network will expand your horizons and provide with new opportunities…your mentor will clear the air through open interaction, sharing knowledge and skills, narrating personal experiences and exposures, advices…


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