About Entrepreneurship Cell- MERI

Across India today,top companies recruit for talent, rather than knowledge; young people demand the opportunity to “make it big”; the govt of India increasingly emphasizes the need for an entrepreneurial generation, naming this the “ decade of innovation’. E-Cell at Management Education & Research Institute, Delhi is the forefront of this  entrepreneurial change .

The E- Cell at MERI is  managed and driven by MBA,MCA & PGDM students under the guidance of Assistant Professor Samarth Singh. The e-cell organizes a variety of activities centered on promoting entrepreneurship among students:

The Pedagogy

E Cell prepares students pursuing prog like MBA,MCA & PGDM at MERI for their entrepreneurial venture through its well drafted pedagogy which include-

  • Orientation and Motivation

  • Opportunity assessment

  • Kickstarting the Entrepreneurial campus

  • Business Planning workshops

  • Prototype to commercialization- drafts preparation

  • Market Analytics

  • Team Building

  • Managing funds/ entrepreneurship finance

  • Social Entrepreneurship locally in the area

E-Cell – Activities

Glimpse of activities by Tarkash – 2019

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1.Session on – Motivation for Entrepreneurship

Tarkashorganized  an “Orientation session” along with a Session on     “ Motivation for Entrepreneurship ’   on Friday, 23rd  Aug, 2019.

Session Expert -Sh. Sandip Das ( Alumnus Harvard Business School),

Ex- CEO & Board Director Vodafone ;Group CEO    & Board  Director , Maxis Berhad  Malaysia ; MD & CEO Reliance JioInfocommshared his successful journey of heading various organisations; the challenges as a leader and how to overcome them and remain motivated .

E-Talk and Workshop

Tarkash organized an E- Talk and Workshop  on Tuesday, 27th   Aug, 2019

Expert- Sh. Ansh Gupta ( Alumnus IIM , Lucknow)CEO ,Magestic Foods- A young Entrepreneur with diversified portfolio including chocolate brand “Bogatchi” discussed the challenges  he faced as a startup, arranging finance and how to build brand using E –Commerce .

E- Talk & Workshop on – Setting Startup in Ed-Tech

Tarkah  organized  an E Talk and Workshop  on     “ Setting Startup in Ed-Tech ’   on Saturday, 31st Aug, 2019 . The invited Expert is Mr. I .Manchanda , Founder Growth Spree  shared his journey as startup . He shared the challenges faced by Ed Tech and how to overcome them .

E-Talk and Workshop

Tarkash organized  E- Talk and Workshop on “ Starting Startup in Tourism”  on Mon, 9th Sept , 2019.Sh. A. Bhardwaj , Founder Eduvision shared his journey from a corporate professional to an entrepreneur .He motivated and discussed – How to start  Business in  tourism industry; Challenges and how to overcome them.

E-Talk and Workshop

Tarkash organized an E- Talk and Workshop on “ Opportunities in Health and Wellness” on Wed, 11th Sept , 2019 Sh. Gaurav Sharma, Herbal life Nutrition shared his journey as an entrepreneur . He motivated and discussed – How to set up health and  wellness business ;Challenges and how to overcome them.

Workshop on “ Idea Generation”

ash organized  Workshop on “ Idea Generation”  on   Saturday  ,7th  Sept  ,  2019 .During the workshop the participants shared various ideas ; market trends ; potential opportunities in various segment and various sources to study to get an understanding of the ecosystem and ideas .

E-Talk and Workshop

Tarkash organized E- Talk and Workshop on “Ideas and  Making a beginning in Export”  on Saturday, 21Sept , 2019 . MrVipulJain  discussed with students – How to begin Exporting and challenges and requirements .

Mentoring Session “Hangout with Successful Start-ups”

Tarkahorganized  a Mentoring Session “Hangout with Successful Start-ups” on Saturday , 18 Jan ,2020 . AmanUpadhyay -, founder Costumes 360 discussed how students can start their entrepreneurial venture and remain motivated

Workshop on “How to plan for Start-up and legal and Ethical Steps

Tarkashorganised a Workshop on “How to plan for Start-up and legal and Ethical Steps” on Friday, 31 Jan , 2020. The workshop focused on understanding of regulatory and legal compliances for startups along with ethics for long term sustainability

Workshop on Business Model Canvas (BMC)

Tarkashorganized  a workshop on  “Business Model Canvas (BMC)’ on Saturday  25 Jan , 2020 . The workshop  focused  on understanding the  segments which form the building blocks for the business model and how to visualize  it in most useful way .

Workhop on National innovation and Startup Policy NSP

Tarkash organized a Workhop on National innovation and Startup Policy NSP on Saturday ,1 Feb ,2020

Session on Product Development Phases

Tarkash organized a Session  on Product Development phases  on Wednesday, 13th Nov, 2019 . The session  focused on understanding various phases of product right from idea generation till its commercialization .

Workshop- Social Innovations and Social Entrepreneurship

Tarkashorganized  a Workshop- Social Innovations and Social Entrepreneurship    on , 16th Nov, 2019 . The  workshop focused  on understanding startup ecosystem creating creating social impact in Agritech, healthcare, financial inclusion and education and  solving Indias social problems  with sustainable growth

Mentorship Session

Tarkash organized Mentorship Session  on 11 th Nov, 2019  During the mentorship session students discussed their ideas , the problems they are facing in product validation , Business Model Development . Financing , team building and launch and sought advise .

Workshop – How to develop business plan for entrepreneurial finance

Tarkashorganized  Workshop on ‘ How to develop Business plan for Entrepreneurial Finance’  on 27 Oct,  2019 . The workshop focused on development of Business Plan in which a sample plan was provided to students followed by discussion on key inputs to the plan

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  • Brain Hub
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  • Incred Finance
  • Bend the trend
  • Body nutrition
  • Raahat , NGO
  • Creation mob
  • 1st Cry
  • Tour planner
  • Organiser Buddy
  • myntax.com
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