Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)


Dated: 06th August 2020

Meeting of IQAC was organized on 6th August 2020, at 3.30 PM in the board Room. The following members were present:-Meeting of IQAC was organized on 6th August 2020, at 3.30 PM in the board Room. The following members were present:-

1.         Prof.  Lalit Aggarwal, Director                                               Chairperson

2.         Sh. S K Aggarwal , CFO                                                        Member

3.         Dr. Manju Singh, Registrar                                                     Member, Head IQAC

4.         Prof. A.K. Agrawal, Dean                                                      Member, Secretary

5.         Prof.(Dr.) Deepshikha Kalra                                                   Member

6.         Ms. Ritu Aggarwal, Head IT                                                  Member

7.         Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Kumar, Head Research Lab                       Member

8.         Ms. Sheela Narang, Assistant Professor                                 Member

9.         Ms. Ankita Sharma, Assistant Professor                                Member

10.       Ms. Parul Sharma, Assistant Professor                                   Member

11.       Sh Umesh Kalra, Expert                                                         Member

The following resolution (agenda-item-wise) have been made in the Meeting of IQAC:

  • Dr. Manju Singh will head the IQAC Cell and was nominated as Head and member of IQAC.
  • Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Kumar, Ms. Parul Sharma, Ms. Ankita Sharma and Ms. Sheela Narang were nominated as new members of IQAC.
These Members will take care of IQAC resolutions and collect their requisite information from the concerned persons. These members will initiate extension activities of the institute, initiate Modern Teaching-Pedagogies/Practices, further explore the possibilities of MoUs with other institutions in India and abroad, further enhance student feedback mechanism, consider and approve the proposal to organize FDP and MDP for enriching the research and new competency of Digital marketing and training sessions for staffs and any other item with the permission of chair.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.

(Dr. Manju Singh)

Coordinator, IQAC

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