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About MERI College – CSR CLUB – Aaghaz

The CSR Club – Aaghaz, established in 2014, aims at imbibing the qualities of serving to the society. The club aims to create an inducive environment wherein our students will embrace responsibilities to serve the community and the society. Our endeavour is to sensitize future best mangers, technocrats and engineers towards privileged, challenged class. We encourage them to take part in CSR efforts and enhance social, cultural, and environmental consciousness.


CSR club at MERI encourages and propels students to imbibe the qualities of enlightened leadership and thereby equip students with required skill-set to be the best-fit for Corporate. Students are motivated to contribute to various social causes. The Club realises that community service is one of the essential element of true education.

Activities Conducted

  1. International Yoga Day: The CSR Club Aaghaz organised a 100 days yoga activity for the celebration of International Yoga Day till 21 June, 2022.
  2. Lecture on Health & Happiness: The CSR Club Aaghaz has conducted an online lecture on Health & Happiness on 17th April 2021. The renowed speaker and physics enthusiastic – Ms. Muskan Kularia talked about various ways to stay happy in our lives. She provided insights on how to remain happy during every phase of our lives.
  3. Online Yoga Competition: The CSR Club Aaghaz organised an online contest titled Yoga for Healthy Living in 1 March, 2021. The event aimed at inculcating values of healthy life in the pandemic era. The students were asked to submit videos practicing Yoga with their family members. This activity promoted the importance of Yoga among students and society.
  4. Online Contest: Tribute to Women: CSR Club Aaghaz organised an online competition titled Tribute to Women on the occasion of International Women’s Day on 13th March 2021. The competition aimed to empower women, celebrate women achievements and thank them for their incredible contributions. MERI students shared inspiring photographs based on the theme “Celebrating the Spirit of Womanhood” and a brief description of the significance of the photograph in relation to the theme.
  5. Online training session on Holistic Wellness: NSS unit of MERI organised an online training session on Holistic Wellness Program by Aegis Network in Sep 2020. MERI CSR club Aaghaz organised the session. The speaker of that program was Mr. Kavit Sharma.
  6. Quiz on Environment Sensitization: The Club organised an online quiz based on the theme Environment Sensitization. The event aimed at making the students aware of the responsible usage of resources and to develop an attitude towards environmental protection.

Faculty Coordinators

Prof. (Dr.) Deepshika Kalra- Dean, MERI & HOD- Department of Management

Mr. Amit V Hans – Assistant Professor, Department of Management

Mr. Rakesh Kumar – Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

Ms. Shweta Ahuja: Assistant Professor, Department of Management

Ms. Sheela Narang – Assistant Professor, Department of Management

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