At MERI we have an environment that generates high-quality research which is both contemporary and rigorous. Conferences, seminars and workshops are a regular feature at the campus providing a forum for presenting research work and discussing important issues of global interest. These events bring together academics, corporates and policy-makers and are an opportunity to network and learn.


25-27.02. 2021International ConferenceSemantic Intelligence Brochure
20.06. 2020WebinarCareer opportunities post covid Report
13.06. 2020WebinarGamification: Personality Mapping & Career Selection Report
9.06. 2020WebinarStraight from the heart Y2: Youth to youth Talk. You, I & We: Let’s
Beat the Challenge
6.06. 2020WebinarBrand Yourself for a Promising Career Ahead Report
30.05. 2020WebinarHow to crack entrance exams & dealing with stress related to it Report
14-05-2020WebinarImpact of COVID19 on PR
26-05-2020WebinarBelieve: The Epitome of Success. Report
29.02. 2020IT Seminar Aprendemos on February 29, 2020 “KNOWLEDGE ENGINEERING” Report
22.02. 2020Finance Seminar on February 22, 2020 “Leveraging Fintech for Business ” Report
15.02. 2020HR Conclave on February 15, 2020 “Talent Management in the Era of Industry 4.0” Report
19.10. 2019 National Marketing Seminar  (Mercadeo Cresta, 2019 )“Strategic and Tactical Marketing in Contemporary corporate” Report
13-14.09. 2019International Conference““Data the New Catalyst : Creating a New Digital Culture””Website



16.03. 2019National Finance Seminar“Financial Innovations: Challenges and Opportunities” Report
20.10. 2018National HR Seminar (PERSONNE VISTA 2018)“Delivering Happiness: Workforce Optimisation and Challenges – 2025 and beyond”.Doc
13.10.2018NATIONAL Marketing SeminarHarnessing Potential Marketing Trends 2018-19Report
06.10. 201817th National IT Seminar ‘Aprendemos’Data Science and Machine Learning: New Frontiers & ChallengesReport
10.03.2018NATIONAL CONFERENCEManagement & Technical Innovations for IPRReport
24.02.2018National SeminarManagement & Financing of MSMEs : Prospects and ChallengesReport
22.02.17 & 23.02.17International ConferenceDigital Economy: Challenges & OpportunitiesBrochure
02.04.2016National SeminarBig Data & Cloud ComputingReport
12.3.2016National Marketing Seminar  (Mercadeo Cresta, 2016 )Digital Marketing beyond Metros: Opportunities & ChallengesBrochure1 Brochure2
1.03.2016 & 2.03.2016International ConferenceInformatics, Management and Technology of Solar energy – Issues and Opportunities (ICIMTSE-2016)Brochure Brochure InnerPage
17.10.2015NATIONAL SEMINAR– Banking: Problems, Opportunities and ChallengesReport
10.10.2015National IT Seminar APRENDEMOS 2015 with CSICyber Security: Issues and ChallengesProceedings APERENDOMOS 2015
19.09.2015National HR Seminar PERSONNE VISTA 2015Technology Facilitates HR TransformationReport
20.07.2015  to 25.07.2015FDP sponsored by NSTEDB, Govt. of IndiaTechnological & Behavioural Dynamics in TeachingREPORT 
14.03.2015National Marketing Seminar  (Mercadeo Cresta 2015)New Consumer Dynamics: Rejuvenating MarketingREPORT
21.02.2015National IT seminar APRENDEMOSe-Commerce & Digital MarketingREPORT
23.12.2014  to 6.01.2015FDP sponsored by NSTEDB, Govt. of India FDP REPORT

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